May 2020 – CCRA RECORD

The CCRA board of directors wants to make sure you have all of the latest educational opportunities. Check out these educational updates!

Inside this issue:

  • SoCal Region
  • NCRA Updates & Resources
    • NCRA’s Free Webinar!
    • NCRA webpage devoted to registrar online education and professional development
  • Upcoming Live Webinars
    • NCRA | Primary Payer at Diagnosis: A Registrar’s Guide to Understanding the Categories and Codes
    • NAACCR | Central Nervous System
  • NAACCR 2020 Annual Conference
  • Regional Meetings
    • Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry Regional Meeting September 20, 2020
  • Conferences
    • NCRA 2020 Annual Conference
  • Online Training
    • SEER*Educate
    • NAACCR Exam Prep
  • CTR Exam Testing and COVID-19

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