Shining a Light on You

Your California Cancer Registry Association would like to share the recognition received from our strategic partners along with a letter from our CCRA president affirming the dedication of the Certified Oncology Data Specialist and the valuable data we collect. 

Take the opportunity to share these letters with your hospital administration, medical professionals, community leaders and your staff to show the value of Cancer Registrars in reducing the burden of cancer while improving patient care. We would love any feedback and pictures of your NCRW celebrations on our Facebook page: CCRA – California Cancer Registry Association.

Happy Upcoming NCRW!

Kristine Cooper, BS,  ODS-C
CCRA Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
CCRA Treasurer

Ann Hildebrand, ODS-C
CCRA Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
Central Region Delegate

Jen Jensen,  BS, ODS-C
CCRA Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
CCRA Co-Membership Chair