Distinguished Service Nominations

The CCRA Distinguished Service Award was implemented in 1988 as a means of showing our appreciation to members who have provided outstanding service to our organization and profession. Individuals or groups may submit a nomination. Nominations from previous years are not carried over.

Nancy Schlag, 2015 Distinguished Service Award Recipient; presented by Dan Curran

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

1988Cynthia Creech
1989Sue Watkins
1990Pegi Scarlet
1991Donna Morrell
1992Nancy Drungalis
1993Kathleen Davidson-Sawyer
1994No nominee
1995Jane Abe
1996Linda Jund
1997Susan Radovich
1998Ina Ervin and Donna Gress
1999No Nominee
2000Chris Casagrande
2001Winny Roshala
2002Meryl Leventhal
2003Mary Anderson
2004No Nominee
2005Lynda Douglas
2006Ann Griffin, PhD
2007No Nominee
2008Kathy Marineau
2009Dan Curran
2010Katheryne Vance
2011Rebecca Cassady
2012No Nominee
2013Herman Menck
2014Pam Randall
2015Nancy Schlag
2019Andrea Sipin
2023Kelli Olsen


Nominee Eligibility:

  • Past or Present Member of CCRA in good standing

Nominee Ineligibility:

  • Members who have been recipients are not eligible
  • Members currently serving on the CCRA Advisory Committee, neither eligible to be nominated or to nominate

Current Advisory Committee members are:

  • Cheryl Hertan, MBA, CTR – CCRA Advisory Committee Chair
  • Javier Cortez, CTR – CCRA Interim President

Nominee Evaluation

Nominees will be evaluated in six areas:

  • Service to the association
  • Professional achievement
  • Research and publication activities
  • Education leadership
  • Other contributions to the health care profession
  • Contributions to society

The recipient of this award will receive a commemorative plaque and complimentary registration for this year’s Annual Meeting. In addition, the honoree will have their name engraved on a perpetual plaque, which is displayed at every CCRA Annual Meeting.

The CCRA Advisory Committee will obtain a copy of the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae if the person/chapter making the nomination does not provide this information. The nominee will not be contacted for this information if requested on the nomination form.

The CCRA Advisory Committee will review all nominations according to the established policies and procedures.

The nominee has the right to request the name of the person/chapter making the nomination. 

The Recipient will be honored at the business luncheon at the CCRA Annual Meeting in November 2024.

Thank you for participating in this important process.

Cheryl Hertan, MBA, CTR

CCRA Advisory Committee Chair