In Memoriam: April Fritz, RHIT, CTR

April Fritz, a beloved colleague, passed away on September 12, 2017, from the very disease we have devoted our careers to.  Anyone who knew or heard a presentation by April knew she waspassionate about cancer surveillance and, in particular, the education and training of cancer registrars.  April had an illustrious career working in the cancer registry ecosystem that included working at several hospitals, a cancer registry software vendor, and the NCI Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program at the National Cancer Institute.  In 1992 April developed the Principals of Oncology for Cancer Registry Professionals training program and conducted this program both locally and worldwide. 

The breadth and depth of her contributions to the cancer surveillance community are phenomenal and touched every aspect of the work we do in the fight against this terrible disease called cancer.

April’s technical knowledge, experience, writing skills, and humor will be dearly missed. May she rest in peace and our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and her family.