About Us


The purpose of the California Cancer Registrars Association, Inc. (CCRA) is to:

  • Promote research and education so that we may be of greater service to cancer patients
  • Raise the level of knowledge and performance through discussion and the exchange of ideas
  • Disseminate information to members of the Association regarding current activities and trends in the cancer field
  • Initiate and/or participate in programs to improve and standardize the collection of cancer data for evaluation and research

The Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization supported by its members through annual dues, fees charged for educational symposia and workshops, and miscellaneous fund-raising by the membership.


Our mission is to provide quality data to clinicians and researchers, thus ensuring enhanced patient care by promoting educational opportunities and expanding the professionalism of our members.


The California Cancer Registrars Association, Inc. (CCRA) is a statewide organization of health professionals in cancer data management.  CCRA was founded in June 1973.  It has four regions:

  • Northern Region
  • Central Region
  • Southern Region
  • San Diego Region

The Association has grown from a small group of dedicated cancer registrars to approximately 330 members.  The continued grown of CCRA is secured by members who believe in its purpose.